Kitchen glass panels have become an increasingly popular replacement for ceramic tiles in recent years because they are easy to maintain and even easier to install. Kitchen glass panels can also be placed on the doors of kitchen elements like stained glass for window.

Unlike ceramic tiles, these panels have no visible joints and are made to measure. Glass panels for kitchen walls are made of a special type of glass that is obtained after the process of processing glass at high temperatures. This type of glass is called tempered glass, and it is five times stronger than ordinary.

Making glass panels for kitchen walls

The production of glass panels for kitchen walls is done according to the exact dimensions of your kitchen, and the thickness of the glass can be from 6mm-10mm. Since the construction is done according to the dimensions of your kitchen, this means that there are holes for sockets and switches where they are provided. The glass is further laser cut and processed with special machines.

Choice of color and design

The wide range of colors and choices of these glass panels allows you to fit them into any design of your interior. The glass can be monochromatic, with patterns or with a printed image of your choice. If you choose panels with a printed image, it would be good to place the same on the kitchen parts so that everything fits nicely. Glass is placed over the printed image so that the image is protected from the effects of heat or discoloration.

Installation of glass panels for kitchen walls

The installation of these glass panels is rapid and easy, and its method depends on the type of cladding you have chosen. Stained glass is glued to the wall with colorless silicone so that it cannot change color after some time. Panels with a printed image are glued along the edges so that the glue does not damage the image.

The price of glass panels for the kitchen

The price of glass panels ranges from 100 to 300 euros and depends on the number of holes as well as the thickness of the glass you choose. The price of glass with a printed image may depend on the complexity of the image.

The price of glass for the kitchen also depends on the color you choose:

  •  Kitchen glass panels in a darker shade – price 110 Eur/m2;
  •  Kitchen glass panels in light shade – price 120 Eur/m2;
  •  Kitchen glass panels according to the motif or picture printed with ceramic colors – price 150 Eur/m2.

  Advantages of glass panels for kitchen walls:

  • Easy to maintain because it is smooth glass that does not retain stains;
  • High level of hygiene because there is no gap in which bacteria can accumulate;
  • Production according to the desired dimensions with all irregular shapes and holes for switches and sockets;
  • Wide range of colors and designs;
  • Easy and quick to install;
  • Decorative material that fits perfectly with any kitchen design;
  • High resistance to shocks, wear and temperature;
  • Suitable for installation on any surface such as ceramic tiles, wall, wood.