Local complexities in accounting and tax continue as global harmonisation fails to bite

Accounting and tax professionals working for multinational businesses will continue to face significant challenges as the trend for greater harmonisation in global compliance and regulation fails to gather pace, a report by TMF Group, a leading provider of international business administration support services, reveals.

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Business of all sizes – everywhere in the world – are affected in some way by these trends, so it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure your operations comply.

In April 2019 I had the pleasure of speaking at the 19th Annual US and Europe Tax Practice Trends Conference in Paris. The world is truly global now, and so is the tax policy landscape, which has changed considerably in the past several years. And there are good reasons to expect that it will continue to evolve for some time to come.

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Licensed Online Casino

In the modern world market of services, creating a business in the field of organizing gambling is becoming increasingly popular, due to its high popularity, and most importantly, profitability. Moreover, with the development and spread of the Internet, the choice of players increasingly began to fall at online casinos because of its simplicity and ease of use. But do not neglect the fact that for a full and legitimate work in this area, a gaming service must undergo a mandatory licensing procedure. Otherwise, the organization’s activities will be considered illegal, which will negatively affect not only it, but also its owner. You can find legal licensed online casino here https://pin-up.casino

Why gambling need a license?

A license to conduct a gambling business is evidence that the organization has a legal right to carry out its activities in a particular country. Gambling activities include online lotteries, online casinos, online card games (such as poker), sweepstakes and other types of gambling. Among the main reasons why you should license a gambling business is the right to legal activity in the country chosen by the company, the desire for the trust of players and the improvement of the services provided by the service.

Information on licensing at an online casino should always be freely available to consumers. Most often, the bottom panel of the operator’s site is used for this purpose, which indicates the address of registration of the service, date of issue of the license, its number, as well as the regulatory body. Thus, players can always be convinced of the legality of the operation of an online casino.

Pros of licensed online casino

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of a casino with a license is legality. The license is the guarantor of honesty and transparency of the service. Players can not be afraid of illegal actions from the side of online casinos and always know that they will be able to get the money they won without being afraid to be deceived. To the same extent, the license provides the owner with peace of mind regarding the legality of his activities.

When obtaining a license, one should take into account the fact that it gives the right to operate only in a certain country. When choosing a country for which you plan to obtain a license, you should always take into account the legal nuances and requirements for the gambling business, which will have to follow. The license allows you to access the products of leading game developers. They only cooperate with operators who have a gambling license, while using an individual approach to the choice of conditions for cooperation and the provision of the product.

Thus, passing licensing, the company will be forced to discuss aspects of cooperation with developers of products for online casinos in order to determine in advance the conditions for the provision and maintenance of the product. Also, an important reason for obtaining a license is the interests of such a group of players as high rollers. This is the name of the clients of gambling services who make bets several times larger than the average players. Companies involved in the organization of gambling must take into account the interests of this group of players, since their activity represents a considerable part of all the organization’s income. A license plays a very important role for them, because few people want to take risks and make large bets in an online casino without a license.

Existing Gambling Markets

Registration of a gambling license follows from the choice by the company of the market that it intends to use. There are currently four regulated gambling markets:

  • States with a monopoly on the organization of gambling;
  • States with a current ban on any type of gambling activity;
  • States that regulate any gambling facilities in their jurisdiction;
  • States that do not regulate gambling in principle.

How to Launch a New Brand Category

The decision to join an existing category, or to launch a new brand category is not an easy decision. Evaluating your product maturity, the product roadmap, and overall market maturity is critical. Once the decision is made, the strategy shifts to creating the right budget and plan to launch the new brand category. Building momentum is paramount to both the category’s success, and by proxy, your own brand’s position as the category leader.

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Want to Grow Your Business? Adopt a Founders’ Mentality

We work with CEOs every day, developing strategy and helping leaders position their businesses to meet their growth goals. From small, young start-ups, to well-established, huge enterprise businesses, CEOs have a tough role – and leading business forward amidst high growth is a challenge we see again and again.

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