Big Data analytics is a complex process of sorting sets of structured, semi-structured and unstructured information to get different kinds of predictions and behavioral patterns. You can use Big Data in various areas and for various goals. Here you can read about Big Data applications in more detail –

Big Data is different from traditional relational databases because of work with a bigger quantity of information. To identify Big Data, you should pay attention to high velocity, high variety and high volume. These are the main characteristics of Big Data analysis.

Velocity means data processing speed. Big Data analytics works very quickly. Volume means a huge quantity of information because to enable accurate prediction the system needs to analyze huge sets of information. Variety is about the different kinds and types of incoming data.

Information from Big Data analytics is usually used for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This way the neural network training takes place, for example.

Where is it used?

Big Data has a large scope of applications. You can use it in healthcare to collect patients data, analyze them and make decisions about diseases or treatment methods. Big Data is already used in the LAPD (Los-Angeles Police Department) to make predictions about crimes. Big IT companies like Google, Apple and IBM also actively use Big Data and Machine Learning to make their products better and reduce net product costs. Car giants like Tesla, BMW and Toyota use modern technology too. They analyze data about the external environment and make predictions for the driver or can switch on some safety systems. Retail also uses Big Data to predict the demand for goods, propose customers new products or make a targeted advertisement. As you see, there are a lot of fields of usage and that is not all.

How to understand the necessity of Big Data for your business?

The simplest way – refer to the Big Data consulting company, like IT Svit, and request analysis for your company. Also, you can make a preliminary analysis on your own if you have a technical background or appropriate specialist in your team. What to look for? Pay attention to the value at first. Big Data implementation is quite an expensive process. Of course, you might multiply your profits, but sometimes implementation is impractical. The next point to estimate is the volume of information. Big Data, as you understand from the name, works with a large information set. You need Big Data if your company works with a big amount of different data types and you need to quickly analyze them.  

Conclusion: what is Big Data analytics?

Big Data analytics is an instrument for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This tool allows to process data and make some behavioral patterns. Big Data is already successfully used in different areas. Nowadays you might face Big Data almost everywhere. 

Open Maps in your smartphone and you’ll see a good example of Big Data analytics. To make these maps, the system needed to analyze a lot of terrain photos and Big Data specialists needed to train system to make the right decisions. Thus, Big Data has wide usage in everyday life, not only in complicated processes.