Emigrating to Spain by starting your own business in the land of the eternal sun is a popular and reliable way to settle there. We will talk about the basic nuances and rules of this procedure, as well as which projects are more likely from the point of view of the Spanish consulate representatives.

Getting a residence permit for an entrepreneur is a legal and convenient way to stay in Spain. This residence permit allows you to work and live throughout the country, as well as to obtain a residence permit for all family members (spouse and minor children, as well as relatives financially dependent on the entrepreneur). But the issuance of this desirable document for many entrepreneurs depends on many factors.

First of all, officials are closely watching to ensure that really active people come to the country, who are seriously intent on starting their own business and developing it. This business should benefit the Spanish economy, develop innovation and simply be useful to people. Inspections are carried out at all levels, so create the illusion, move and get a residence permit entrepreneur only on the basis of a business plan will not work – there is a need to really work / In fact, for those who are determined thoroughly, the whole process today as much as possible simplified legislatively. If there is an idea and it is interesting, practical and creative – Spain is waiting for you!

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How to start your own business in Spain

Business immigration in Spain is regulated by the Law on Support for Entrepreneurs and their Internationalization, adopted in 2013. In fact, it has greatly simplified the way for everyone to start their own business in Spain. Compared to moving to the country through investment – the purchase of Spanish property, entrepreneurs get more flexible conditions:

There is no minimum threshold for investment – the main idea, not the size of the authorized capital, so the minimum amount of investment can be any;

There is no minimum threshold for a minimum number of jobs – the required number of employees the entrepreneur determines himself;

There are no requirements for a minimum period of stay in the country;

Tax liabilities are individual, deductions are calculated in each case, based on the peculiarities of the situation.

To open a business in Spain can be as already located in this country, and entrepreneurs living in other countries. If you are outside Spain, you should first contact the consulate of your country to obtain a visa for the entrepreneur. When applying for such a visa, you should be prepared to submit a business plan. If an entrepreneur visa is already available and the businessman is in Spain, you can obtain a residence permit by contacting the Department of Large Enterprises and Strategic Teams. Term of residence permit of the entrepreneur – 2 years.

Prospective business plan from the point of view of the Spanish consulate – what is it?

If the businessman has no and had no problems with the law in Spain and his home country, there is evidence of financial stability – enough income for life, health insurance and other basic documents, the main thing that will look at the consulate – how interesting the proposed business project. What kind of business does the Consulate representatives find interesting? First of all, it is innovative. Startups with small start-up capital, but a promising idea related to information technology are the most popular. Mobile operators, Internet providers, scientific innovations and research – all these are considered necessary and important by Spanish consuls.