Interested in helping the people of Ukraine? Check out these Hilfsorganisationen in Bern and Kanton Bern, and find out about Spendenorganisationen in Ukraine. The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is a humanitarian crisis that demands help from the international community. This article describes some of the main organizations that are doing great work in the region. If you want to help, please consider sending money! All donations are tax-deductible. The more you give, the better.

Hilfsorganisationen in der Ukraine

In the aftermath of the Ukrainian crisis, a number of aid organisations have set up office to address the needs of those displaced by the conflict. While specific aid needs vary widely among different regions, a majority of the displaced people do not have enough food and water. Most are also lacking in special care, transportation, warm accommodations, and clothing. Some organisations also have their own medical facilities and psychosocial support units. The UNHCR coordinates the delivery of aid across the country.

The United Nations has established numerous international and local organizations in the affected areas to help. The Malteser International, for example, works to provide medical and psychosocial help to Gefluchtete and Binnenvertriebene. Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, meanwhile, promotes equality for Roma. Among the aid organizations in Ukraine helfen, Global-Care, for instance, delivers emergency aid. Further, the Zentralwohlfahrtsstelle der Juden in Deutschland (ZDJF) provides shelter to refugees in Kiew.

Hilfsorganisationen im Kanton Bern

The Hilfsorganisationen im Kanton Bern are currently seeking volunteers in various capacities to help in the crisis in Ukraine. There are several needs including the provision of long-term housing. They need people who speak Russian or Ukrainisch. They also ask for patience and courtesy in orientating the providers. In general, they welcome people who are willing to work in a foreign culture. The Kanton also has a long-term housing shortage.

Some of the most common ways to help are by donating money to these organizations. NGOs often prefer cash donations, but they can also accept medication or medical supplies. Some donations can be earmarked for humanitarian aid. However, many individuals may not be aware of this option. Interested individuals should contact their local NGOs to find out about donation requirements. The Ukrainian ambassador in Bern asks for cash donations and will accept medications in certain times.

Hilfsorganisationen mit Sitz in Bern

The Helfers in Bern, Switzerland, have mobilized to help the Ukrainian people in need. The Verein Ukraine-Hilfe Bern is a registered charity which supports refugees by providing warm clothing, heating materials, and medicines. Its website is under construction and will be expanded shortly. Volunteers can also sign up to become a translator or act as a shopping assistant. For more information about how you can help, please visit the website of Hilfsorganisationen mit Sitz in Bern.

A number of western european leftists have expressed some thoughts on the situation in Ukraine. It is not just about Russia and US imperialism; the national question is emancipatorical due to the ongoing war. But leftists in Switzerland have been critical of the Ukrainian flag and reject national emancipation, despite the fact that many Ukrainers claim to want it. In Switzerland, the leftist movement has largely shunned the Ukrainian flag, which they claim to be a symbol of Ukrainian nationality.

Spendenorganisationen in der Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created a huge network of help for the people of Ukraine. Every individual can help to support the bevolkerung and tens of thousands of displaced people. There is such a large need for aid that some organizations have problems keeping up. In these cases, you can contact a local volunteer agency to find a suitable volunteer organization that can use your skills. This way, you can make a real difference to those in need.

One such organization is Humedica, an international humanitarian association. Humedica works in Ukraine and has dispatched teams to the region. Its social media page alerts users of external content, such as videos and pictures. However, before you can watch these videos, you must consent to their use. You must also provide consent for third-party data collection. Regardless of whether you’re a regular reader of news and politics, you can help the gefluchtete in Ukraine spenden by donating to these organizations.