This article considers why you should choose to develop an Android application, the advantages and disadvantages of the operating system, as well as the process of creating a mobile application. Developing an app based on the Android operating system has a number of advantages and disadvantages. We will describe them below. 

Advantages of developing applications for Android

  • The ability to reach a large audience. By 2022 the number of Android users in the world is approximately 70% of the users of all mobile operating systems. Accordingly, Android app development will allow you to reach a sufficient number of users and make the app demanded and popular. So android application development can be a great solution.
  • More opportunities for development. In general, the Android OS is more open and there are more options for connecting third-party and unique services. This allows for the development of more unique and personalized functionality for the app. 
  • Convenient development environment. Android has a handy app creation environment called Android Studio. It simplifies the development process and allows you to get a finished project in a shorter time.

Disadvantages of developing applications for Android

  • Longer testing time. Due to the fact that there are a large number of devices running on Android, the testing process will take longer. After all, you need to test a wide variety of smartphone models. Especially since many devices have different screen sizes.
  • A lot of competition. The popularity of this operating system means that there are a lot of applications on the market. And just to develop an application without a preliminary analysis of the market and the target audience will not be enough to create a really popular application. This stage is obligatory in the process of project creation and implementation in any professional company. 
  • Longer development time. This disadvantage is directly related to the need to test the application on more devices. On average it takes 25-30% longer to develop apps for Android than for iOS.

How do I develop an Android app?

Developing an Android app is not an easy process. It requires the interaction of several specialists. At a minimum, you need a designer, a developer, and a tester. Professionals need experience in commercial development, knowledge of programming languages, in particular Java and Kotlin. It will also require quality analytics at the preparation stage to develop a really good and in-demand application.

Developing an application for Android is beneficial because of the popularity of the operating system, as well as because of the great opportunities for the development of unique functionality. The development of a native application for Android takes longer due to the need to test it on different types of devices, which increases the development time. Terms and cost of the application development are strictly individual, all depending on the customer’s wishes. Developing a really good app can be expensive, but there is no point in developing a bad app.

Development of mobile apps for Android has 7 stages: product analysis, specification and graphic prototype, evaluation and planning, design, programming, testing and launch. If you have in mind software development for financial services, you should discuss your project in more detail with the development team to get a good result. If you want to order the development of a mobile application, then you should first look for a reliable company that can implement your idea.