In this article, we look at some of the top Sydney commercial lawyers. Patrick Doherty, Gavin Hanrahan, Michael Barsha, and Peter Sanfilippo are just a few of the many lawyers we have profiled. To see what makes these lawyers stand out, read on to learn more about them. You’ll also find their bios, and reviews of their work, too.

Patrick Doherty

If you’re looking for a commercial lawyers Sydney, you’ve probably come across Patrick Doherty. This lawyer is experienced in a variety of legal matters, including civil litigation and criminal law. His services extend to non-litigated matters as well, and he can provide advice on all types of business issues, from corporate law to employment law and debt recovery. He also has extensive experience in helping businesses navigate the complexities of their industry.

At OpenLegal Sydney, you can find a variety of services from experienced commercial lawyers to help you get the best possible results from your business. Patrick Doherty, a former counsel to the SEC in Washington, has vast experience in advising clients on the intricacies of the Securities and Exchange Commission. He also chairs the firm’s fintech task force and has worked on several high-profile cases involving blockchain technology.

Gavin Hanrahan

For over 25 years, Gavin has advised clients on all types of dispute resolution and business operations. He has a wealth of knowledge in these areas and helps business owners all over NSW. In addition to being a commercial lawyer, Gavin is also involved in the community, acting on the boards of the Leap Frog Ability, the Lake Macquarie Business Growth Centre, and the Holford Oval Mount Hutton Management Committee.

Michael Barsha

At OpenLegal Sydney, you can find commercial lawyers who can handle business disputes. Michael Barsha is a licensed lawyer in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. He studied law at Macquarie University and The College of Law, where he gained a breadth of experience across a range of legal fields. After graduating, Michael practiced corporate and commercial law in Australia, and advised businesses on matters ranging from business structure to corporate services. He also handled litigation cases in the Court system and represented individuals on various legal issues.

Michael Barsha is an experienced litigator with over five years’ experience. His practice focuses on commercial litigation and arbitration, and he also provides advice to clients on non-litigated issues. His team also has a strong corporate services focus and he has considerable experience in advising startups and SMEs. He also works with startups and small businesses, and provides advice on employment and corporate law issues.

Peter Sanfilippo

As one of Australia’s leading franchise law specialists, Peter Sanfilippo has more than thirty years of experience in private practice and as in-house counsel. He is a highly skilled advocate with a broad practice that includes IP, employment law, finance, dispute resolution, property and insurance. Peter has also given advice to hundreds of people on franchising opportunities. He has also presented and written papers on the subject and has worked with the Australian Government to help shape franchising regulations.

OpenLegal and Argyle – How They Compare

If you’re in the market for employment lawyers, consider using the services of OpenLegal. Its streamlined project-managed approach is aimed at providing high-quality, affordable legal services to small business owners and individuals. This article examines OpenLegal and Argyle to see how they compare. Read on for more information on the benefits of using an employment law firm. Read on to learn about how OpenLegal can benefit your business.


The current number of employment-law firm jobs available has increased by 27% in one year. The recent pandemic has spurred firms to resume hiring, despite their cautious nature a few years ago. The key challenge for law firms today is to source candidates in a competitive market while also managing retention. Thankfully, the OpenLegal website is the answer to this dilemma. Below, we’ve listed the most prominent employment law firms in the UK.


Argyle provides a platform that allows businesses to make key decisions based on employment data and income verification. Argyle provides a centralized location for employers to gather critical data on 1099 workers and provide it to employment benefits providers, making it easier for businesses to offer essential services to gig workers. The Argyle platform covers over 500,000 U.S. employers, including 60% of the Fortune 500, and close to 100% of all gig workers. It also covers over 170 million employees, including gig workers, in the U.S.

Argyle’s nonprofit approach to employment lawyers

In his own words, “Argyle’s approach is different than other firms’.” He says that he thinks that trade secrets shouldn’t be used to deny access to justice, and he advises people to try something new. In this way, he helps people overcome discrimination in the workplace and creates a path for public interest lawyers to pursue. And, he’s always ready to help.

OpenLegal’s closure

The recent closure of the nonprofit Open Legal Services, which co-founded with A. Daniel Spencer in 2013, has caused an uproar in the nonprofit legal community. The law firm’s founders were graduates of the University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney School of Law and sought to provide legal services to low-income consumers. However, their success attained national prominence, prompting many to question whether this nonprofit model would be sustainable.

Benefits of operating as a nonprofit law firm

For aspiring lawyers, nonprofit organizations may be an excellent option to operate their law firm. Nonprofit organizations provide much-needed help for communities and supplement public benefits. Although nonprofits may have different missions and methods, their legal challenges are similar. This allows nonprofits to hire experienced employment attorneys to help them avoid common mistakes. The following are the main advantages of operating as a nonprofit law firm for employment lawyers.