If you look closely, you will find athletes who use cannabis. Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps is a prime example. In fact – is marijuana compatible with sports activities? It turns out that not only is it compatible, but in some cases it can be useful if you go to the gym, trying to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. Forget the stereotypes. Weed will be your great help if you decide to profess a health cult and take up exercise and sports.

Cannabinoids help burn fat 

During a number of studies in the United States, scientists have observed an amazing pattern – on average, cannabis enthusiasts suffer less from obesity and related diseases such as diabetes. It turned out that by acting with the human body’s endocannabinoid system, THC and CBD contributed to a better breakdown of fat and sugar. In addition, the weed generally speeds up the metabolism. This means that if you’re going to lose weight, dieting and exercising will affect weight loss more effectively if you enjoy smoking weed. And since aaa weed also worked up an appetite, you could easily go for the small-batch, split-serving diet suggested by nutritionists and trainers. Don’t overeat, though. 


The herb’s analgesic properties have been around for a long time, allowing GPs in the US to prescribe it for patients with muscle spasms and certain types of chronic pain. This property of the herb will help you if you are actively exercising in the gym. When your muscles are clogged with lactic acid, or woody after a workout, or you’ve suffered a sprain or other injury while playing sports, marijuana will ease the pain and help you recover more quickly. 

The mental attitude 

Marijuana helps you get in the right frame of mind for your exercise routine. It helps you cope better with monotonous work by making you more focused on the process. Put more simply, you’ll give yourself over to the sport and you won’t even notice the time running out. Cannabinoids are known to accumulate in fat deposits. As you burn fat during exercise, they are re-released and as a result, you’ll even feel a euphoric rush of one kind or another as you exercise. Your workout will give you an added thrill.


If you work out late at night, you’ll go home exhausted but still strung out. Overexertion can leave you feeling restless and sleepy for a long time, especially if your whole body aches after your workout. The weed will help you relax after exercise, soothe your nervous system and get a better night’s sleep if you have this problem.


Sooner or later, anyone who is active in sports starts to feel a lack of motivation and may even skip the gym at times. Weed can help you cope with this problem. If you don’t feel like going to the gym, then motivate yourself by smoking after your workout and only afterwards. Such a system of encouragement will help you fight bouts of laziness. So it makes sense to buy weed online canada. After all, it will help you improve your performance in sports.