If you have a wedding planned for 2021, it’s time to choose engagement rings. This process is long and complicated, because it’s important that the groom and bride like the jewelry equally. Become the most fashionable couple – buy trendy gold engagement rings that will look great in wedding photos as well as in everyday life.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Pink gold is fighting back what was once a lost cause. Demand for it began to increase back in 2015 after the release of the Apple iPhone 6s in a body of similar color and texture. And if a girl buys a pink iPhone, the jewelry should match it. According to statistics from the British company The Fine Jewellery, sales of rose gold jewelry in Europe have more than quadrupled over the past two years. So this trend can be safely considered a long-term one.

Rose gold engagement rings are gorgeous in three styles:

  • Classic. The gentle glow of traditional sleek rings can charm at first glance.
  • Romanticism. Soft lines and openwork designs in wedding rings – it is impossible to resist.
  • Futurism. The unusual shape of the jewelry – angular-cubic or flowing – appeals to those who love to stand out.

Engagement rings with colored stones

The founder of Lugano Diamonds attributes the increased interest in engagement rings with colored inlays to the fact that celebrities started wearing them. Mila Jovovich is the owner of a luxury jewelry piece with pink and yellow diamonds. Jessica Simpson took a ruby ring with a marriage proposal and Penelope Cruz got a sapphire.

Dazzling rings along with their hostesses are flashed in the media every day, which only increases the popularity of the trend.

For inlaid engagement rings, jewelers use:

  • Colored fianites;
  • Topaz – yellow or blue;
  • Corundum – sapphires and rubies;
  • Fancy diamonds in bright colors and black.

By the way, they are perfectly combined with rose gold, forming expressive combinations. Since jewelry should support the overall image, think about whether you are ready every time you buy clothes to check whether the wedding jewelry is in harmony with the new outfit. If you haven’t yet decided on the basic shades of your closet, opt for more versatile engagement rings with clear inlays. You can find a variety of engagement rings at https://luxurydiamonds.ca/apps/shop. There is a wide range of jewelry that can be yours. So you should explore this site and choose something interesting.