Sofa cushions are nice little things that create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. That is why we decided to devote a separate article to the proper selection of such a familiar decoration. Speaking of the material, from which the cover of the cushion you like is made, you need to imagine in advance whether it will suit the texture of the sofa or armchair upholstery.

That is, if the upholstered furniture in the living room is made of velvet or velour, cotton or linen textile will be inappropriate. In this case, to achieve harmony will help such fabrics as velvet, wool with the addition of shimmering threads, fur. Conversely, more practical and accessible materials such as Chenille, cotton and jacquard will accept the use of simple and light fabrics.

How to choose the size, color and pattern of the pillows?

Of course, many manufacturers have taken care of the availability of accompanying decorative cushions for different sets of upholstered furniture. But if you have a desire to refresh and diversify the sofa area, you should pay attention to the recommendations below.

  1. Moderation. If there are active and quite large objects in the living room, such as a picturesque painting or panel, or an unusual carved chest of drawers, which focus the attention, you do not need to use a lot of cushions, especially too bright. It is quite possible to make do with two or three cushions in neutral shades, thrown on chairs. For example, you can use turquoise throw pillows.
  2. Proportionality. Mini sofas or compact couches should not be hidden behind large, immense cushions. Remember that small-sized furniture fits neat and small, and a massive sofa can contain several voluminous cushions.
  3. Contrast. Muted or neutral tones of furniture, and the interior in general, allow the use of spectacular decor, which includes and cushions. Choose stylish saturated colors, combining them with patterns, if your living room or office furniture is made in calm monochrome tones. Light shades perfectly withstand the juicy green, crimson, yellow. But darker colors of upholstery (blue, gray, purple) can also cooperate with other, lighter textiles (blue, white, red).
  4. Stylish pattern. Patterns are always beautiful, and to choose the right print for the textile pillows can be based on our previous articles, in which we described in detail the fashionable prints and patterns. It should also be noted that the choice of a successful pattern also depends on the style of furniture and room.

If your living room is a place of frequent receptions of guests and friends, refuse to use silk, velvet and fur for sofa cushion covers, as these materials can soon lose their appearance due to frequent contact, or spilled drinks and subsequent cleaning. If you choose an outdoor pillow, you should also focus on more durable materials.

Of course, the cushions are chosen after the textile curtains and bedspreads are selected, and not vice versa. Modern showrooms offer a huge variety of fabric-companion options.