Most of the world’s population is not familiar with this game, but cricket is quite dynamic and fascinating from the first minutes of watching the competition. And if you’re just addicted to this team game, a lot of interesting information about it can be found at

From the outside, cricket may seem a lot like baseball, but it has an earlier tradition. The game’s equipment consists of a flat bat, a predominantly red ball, and wickets consisting of three vertical posts and two wooden bars placed horizontally on them.

The game involves two teams with eleven players each. The game consists of several rounds in which eleven throwers from one team and two players with bats from the other team converge on an oval-shaped field of about eighteen thousand square meters. 

The principle of the game is that the thrower must hit the ball on the wicket and break it up, and the player with the bat must kick the ball away from the field. All the time until the ball is returned to one of the two wickets, the player with the bat should run very quickly between them, earning points. At this time, the throwers task is to quickly direct the ball and destroy the wicket. If this happens while the player with the bat is moving or if his ball is caught in the air, he is removed from the game and replaced by another player with the bat. The round will continue until each player with the bat is removed from the game. In the next round, the teams switch sides. 

Matches can be about six hours long, and sometimes the game stretches over several days. Cricket players are usually proficient at throwing and hitting the ball hard, respecting the rules and umpires to avoid severe punishment.

Sports Life

Each of us as a child in school classes of physical education had the opportunity to define his attitude toward sports: to be active or just to do gymnastics in the morning, or just to watch athletes from the sidelines. Talented coaches can easily lead a child into a particular sport and later lead him or her to high achievements in professional sports. Unfortunately, not all young athletes have the opportunity to develop their abilities, many of them without financial support remain amateurs. But even if a person left the sport and became an active fan, he will follow the news of his favorite teams in all kinds of sources, for example

Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, residents of any country can find many interesting competitions that they could not get to and enjoy the spectacular game live. Of course, in the video broadcast you can not feel the breath of tens of thousands of spectators before an important blow, but a sense of euphoria from the victory of your favorite team in every case is ensured. 

Looking through the news in publications that cover all kinds of information about sports, you can even be fascinated by some new direction, the existence of which one may not have suspected.