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Porcelain grill

Excellent news for all homebodies and fans of cozy gatherings in a narrow family and friendly circle! Now even the rain and other bad weather will not prevent you to get together around the grill and fry shrimp, fish, vegetables, or even steak. Such a possibility was given to us by the Danish company Eva Solo, which was formed in 1913 and got its name in honor of the founder’s daughter. As is often the case with companies that produce premium goods, Eva Solo is a family brand whose power is passed down from generation to generation. The Danish company’s products are not only appreciated by grateful customers, but also have won countless awards at various exhibitions in the field of design.

The porcelain grill includes a white porcelain grill pan, the grill itself and a charcoal tray. The grill can be moved around by means of a steel handle before you start using it. Also for your convenience there is a stand to fix the grill on a solid surface. If necessary, all parts of the grill can be easily washed in the dishwasher. Also in case of need the bowl can be used as a normal bowl.


Pasotti is an Italian and, of course, family-owned brand, with descendants of the company’s founder, who has been at the helm since 1956. Ernesta Pasotti, the creator of the brand, began with a modest atelier for the production of umbrellas, gradually bringing her into the leadership of the European umbrella business. In the 90’s with the influx of cheap Chinese umbrellas, the company’s future was threatened, but a timely refocusing on the premium segment gave Pasotti a new breath.

Golden Lion umbrella, as in the case of all Pasotti products, is a combination of outstanding quality and unsurpassed handmade design. That is why the waterproof dome, and handle in the form of a golden lion, and a steel shaft – all made by Italian goldsmiths. Italians know a lot about beautiful and busy life, and by giving your beloved this umbrella, you will help him to join the people of the Apennine peninsula in their Dolce Vita.

Gift card

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