Every day thousands of men on the planet face the problem of diminished erectile function. At first the problem covers only bedtime, causing insecurity, misunderstanding and irritation, but over time it increasingly affects the relationship between partners outside the bed as well. The character of men with erectile dysfunction can change beyond recognition, leading to complications in family and work life.

As psychologists testify, many spouses confess in individual counseling sessions that the lack of proper sexual intimacy is the cause of the relationship breakdown. Then the problems pile up like a snowball. Sexual dissatisfaction, broken families, stress, children without the overarching love of parents, decreased productivity, problems at work. If you are familiar with these problems, it makes sense to use https://svensktapotek.net/ to buy specialized medication.

Male potency is a sensitive thing. Many factors of the external and internal environment can make its unwanted adjustments. That the constant stress, poor ecology and physical inactivity, are the cause of many of our troubles, we have heard more than once. But one of these can be erectile dysfunction. And the age is not the decisive factor here. The same problem can occur in men under the age of 35, who because of problems with erectile dysfunction often have scandals in the family.

But that’s not all. Do not forget that the risk of erectile dysfunction increases and in connection with other health problems:

  1. stable high blood pressure (arterial hypertension);
  2. heart and vascular disease;
  3. liver and kidney failure;
  4. diabetes mellitus of any type;
  5. hormonal and endocrine disorders;
  6. psychological disorders.

Overweight and obesity, high nervous stress and neurotic states, mental illness, depression, hard physical work, irregular and shift work are considered risk factors. Means to increase your potency can not get rid of the disease and pathological conditions listed, but they can improve the quality of life, giving him a stormy passionate nights and days together with his beloved, maintaining confidence in their power and sexual desire. What can you buy in modern pharmacies?

  • Viagra. The most famous means to increase potency. Efficiency proven by years and millions of men.
  • Levitra. Analogue of Viagra from the German manufacturer. A milder version of a means to improve potency.
  • Cialis. The drug, the action of which in some cases can last up to 3 days. You take 1 tablet and for a long time you forget about your problems.

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