Within this article, we will look at how to play with the AWP sniper rifle. But since different game situations require different weapon choices, we will also mention SSG 08 (Scout) and SCAR-20. The whole game in CS Global Offensive depends on your level of shooting, this is the basis of all teams.

There is no other way to achieve top results without talented snipers. Many teams that have achieved great success through good shooting with AK-47 or M4, play without a separately assigned sniper, they consider the game experienced sniper is not a necessity, but only an addition, so to speak, a bonus. This is the wrong strategy.

Sniper can be used in different ways, depending on the situation, team layout and map. Sometimes the sniper is tasked with holding a particular point, or angle, making the attacking enemy easy prey. Other times the sniper will be used to open a round, make an incoming, quick frag, or force the opponent into defensive positions. The general truth for all true snipers is that they play with a sniper rifle as often as they can. As a rule, the designated sniper on the team will buy an AWP in the third or fourth round, and will continue to buy it as often as money allows. Can also buy skins for the sniper rifle at csgo.net.

In the Global Offensive is becoming less and less professional snipers, instead, there are situations where the AWP bought in individual rounds, using this rifle only in certain places on some maps. The favorite weapon of such players, all the same, remains an AK-47 or M4. 

A quick look at the financial side of the issue

  1. AWP: The rifle costs $4,750, with a kill reward of only $100. These two disadvantages are offset by the weapon’s killing power, capable of killing an opponent with a single bullet (except for a leg hit), as well as quick aiming, and high hit accuracy at a two-shot approach.
  2. SSG 08: The rifle is very cheap, costing only $2,000, with a standard $300 bonus for killing an enemy. A shot to the head, neck and stomach proves fatal to a player without armor. Armored players can be killed with a single headshot only.
  3. SCAR-20: The rifle is only available to counter-terrorists, and costs even more than the AWP – $5,000, but in turn, offers a $300 reward per frag. Lethal shots with this rifle are only headshots. The SCAR-20, due to its high rate of fire, is often used as a “bomber”, capable of causing great damage to the enemy crowd, and even stopping the enemy attack.

Different styles of snipers

One can easily classify sniper play into two categories: aggressive and defensive. Defensive play with an AWP boils down to taking a position, waiting for the enemy to appear, firing, and quickly retreating back. While the aggressive game of sniper implies offensive actions, designed for good reaction and precision shooting, as well as more active involvement in the fight. If you want to decorate your sniper rifle, use https://csgo.net/. Some teams can even use two snipers, each of which has its own role and appears when necessary.