The world is ruled by delicious food and social media. Agree, the validity of this statement is proven by tens of thousands of photos under the hashtags #food, #foodporn and #instafood. So why not use your restaurant profile as an effective tool to attract and win new audiences? You can even buy instagram followers to create visibility of your restaurant’s popularity to new followers. In this article, we’ll detail how to maintain a restaurant profile so that in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it also generates financial returns.

Why your restaurant needs an Instagram profile

Instagram stopped being just a social network long ago. It is now a powerful platform for self-realization and self-expression, making money and popularizing business. At the moment there are more than 850 million registered users on Instagram, the average age of which is 22-35 years old. According to statistics, a person spends about 30 minutes a day flipping through the feed, and this figure is constantly growing. So what other arguments do you need in order to finally start a profile of your restaurant?

In addition, competent promotion of your account will give you a unique opportunity to tap into a new market, attract a new audience and reach a new level of development. And, in spite of all the popularity of the social network, the competition here is 12 times lower than in other digital platforms. Consequently, it will be much easier and more accessible to build a loyal community. Facts like these are designed to encourage you to hit the “register” button sooner, to dive into the fascinating world of Instagram.

How to properly manage a restaurant’s Instagram

  • Business Profile. Yes, just registering on Instagram won’t be enough to further your promotion. To get the full range of available tools for analytics and sales, it is important to translate the existing account into a business profile. The algorithm is as simple as possible and everyone can figure it out. A business profile allows you to use statistics, targeting, organize full-fledged marketing campaigns and track the activity of your followers.
  • Strategy and Idea. The best restaurant Instagram is not a profile filled with low-quality content. It’s an account with a clear strategy that sets it apart from the competition. It is a beautiful photo without over lighting and no less organic texts, it is a variety of ideas that I want to keep in bookmarks and a wide range of emotions that awakens with each post. And here we should add a very detailed description of your TA – the target audience. 
  • Positioning. Positioning answers the opposite question – who are you? What’s the trick to your business? What do people love about your establishment, and why do they go to it? Typically, in marketing, this is combined under the general name unique selling proposition, which has been replaced by the value proposition.
  • The development of the value proposition. Based on your positioning, develop a tone of voice – this is the “voice” of your restaurant in social media. Avoid templates, academic nonsense and drag. Your “voice” should be unique, associated only with your establishment, evoke positive emotions and be memorable. 
  • Filling out your profile header. Your user info is your calling card and your first sales text. Use key search terms, write your unique offer, and structure your cap by dividing it into blocks and emphasizing them with emoticons of the same type. And definitely, MUST use the only active clickable link in the header to inform about new promotions or any other attractive offers on your site. That way you’ll quickly find the best instagram followers.