Testabol Depot is a long acting testosterone preparation that is used to increase low levels of hormones in the body. It is sometimes also called a testosterone depot. You can buy Testabol Depot in our online store at a bargain price. 

Testosterone is esterified and, thus, the drug has a fairly long-term effect. It is only available in injectable form. This anabolic steroid is usually oil-based and injected into the buttock area. The drug is slowly released from the injection site over a period of 7-12 days. On our website: https://theroids.ws/testabol-depot-british-dragon/

Testabol Depot is almost identical to Testerone Enanthate. Although the half-life and active periods of action are not the same, the drugs are similar. Testosterone is a muscle builder and therefore works great in both drugs. 

Testabol Depot works well on its own or in tandem with other drugs. It also tends to convert to estrogen, causing gynecomastia.

Testabol depot – testosterone cypionate from British Dragon. It is one of the longest esterified hormone. It is available for sale in Canada on our website. The active substance of the drug is stored for future use in the body’s fat depots, and is released into the human blood for half a month. The price of British Dragon cypionate is similar to that of other cypionate manufacturers .

If you look one-sidedly, the long-term effect of the drug on the athlete’s body is quite convenient there is no need to carry out frequent injections. But it is worth noting that Testabol Depot retains fluid in the body. Estrogenic activity is the main disadvantage of this steroid. A significant part of adverse reactions can be prevented, dosages must be strictly observed and post- cycle therapy must be properly carried out.

Athletes do not take cypionate with the same intensity as enanatate, but mostly reviews of Testabol Depot are positive. Professionals strongly recommend the use of gonadotropin for long courses lasting more than 4 weeks.

Like other injectable testosterone types, Testabol Depot causes impressive muscle gains and increased strength on a cycle. Testosterone is easily converted into estrogens, so 30% of the mass is in excess fluid, and it is quickly lost after the course. More details here: https://theroids.ws/

To neutralize this effect, it is necessary to use auxiliary drugs, for example, Nolvadex. In our online store you can buy British Dragon Cypionate at a bargain price.

The positive qualities of the drug:

  1. Testabol Depot significantly increases muscle gain.
  2. Increased motivation to exercise.
  3. Increase in strength indicators.
  4. Stimulation of hematopoiesis.
  5. Increased sex drive.
  6. Acceleration of the body’s recovery after exercise.

Possible side effects:

  • inhibition of the production of its own hormone;
  • blood pressure;
  • swelling;
  • acne .

How to use:

How to take cypionate british dragon? The testabol depot course is quite long and ranges from 8 to 10 weeks. Dosages of the drug range from 250 mg per week to 1000 mg. The injections must be given every week. An increase in the recommended norm over 1 g does not lead to great results at all, only the likelihood of side effects increases. 

Proviron can be used in tandem with Testabol Depot, but Tamoxifen can also be administered. Best of all, Testabol Depot is combined with nandrolone. It is worth considering that the total dosage should not exceed 400 milligrams per week.


  1. Testabol Depot is really an effective drug, but the rollback is a bit big. My friend took a course with Testabol Depot and was able to gain 8 kilograms. Immediately after completing the course, 2 kilograms rapidly disappeared and now it gradually leaves a little, but very slowly. Maybe this effect is really caused by the fact that he took the minimum dosage, and sometimes missed it. In general, my friend is satisfied with the course of Testabol Depot, as he gained weight, and does not feel any side effects.
  2. My weight before the course was 76 kilograms, and after the course it was already 81. It is worth noting that my height is only 167 centimeters. Now I am quite happy with my result and with the fact that I decided to take the course. On post-cycle therapy I took Proviron and therefore did not notice any special side reactions.
  3. Testabol Depot was advised by my trainer. It was necessary to give the body relief. I ordered it on your website because the price was fine for me. His Testabol Depot received very quickly. I will also buy the drug for post-cycle therapy from you.