In the first few weeks after quitting tobacco, withdrawal symptoms of nicotine dependence may appear. These symptoms are different for everyone and are strongest in the first few days after quitting.

Sleep disturbances, arrhythmia, mood swings, headaches, digestive disorders, increased irritability and restlessness, excessive sweating, changes in appetite, general anxiety, impaired attention span and performance – these symptoms do not always appear all at once, their intensity and duration vary from person to person.

For the treatment of nicotine addiction, both nicotine replacement therapy (nicotine gum and the patch) and new drugs to stop smoking are used. 

Nicotine replacement therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy may be required for moderate to severe addiction. Nicotine patches and nicotine gum are most commonly used as smoking cessation aids. Substitute medications can be purchased at the drugstore without a prescription, but it is wise to consult a doctor, nurse, or smoking cessation counselor when making a competent treatment plan. Generally, nicotine replacement treatment is most effective when combined with competent counseling, a free service that does not require a doctor’s referral.

Nicotine patches

When using patches, the body receives nicotine evenly, the rapid rise and fall of nicotine concentrations in the blood that is characteristic of smoking disappears. In this way, you can better accustom your body to lower nicotine levels. After every 3 weeks, the patches should be gradually changed to other patches with less nicotine.

Nicotine patches last for 16 hours or 24 hours. The 16-hour patch sticks to your skin more firmly and works while you are awake, without disturbing your sleep or sleep. By morning, the concentration of nicotine in the blood is close to zero, so additional treatment in the form of nicotine gum may be required. The 24-hour patch is transparent and inconspicuous, and should be pressed with a hot hand for 1-2 minutes when applied. It works during both wakefulness and sleep, can cause difficulty falling asleep and vivid dreams, but the morning nicotine hunger is lower.

Nicotine Gummies

There are strong-acting and weak-acting nicotine gums. The nicotine gum is used when necessary during the weaning period, that is, 8-12 weeks. Continuous use of nicotine gum can maintain nicotine addiction, so it is not recommended to quit smoking with gum alone. Then you should give it up as well. The best combination is a nicotine patch and, if necessary, weak nicotine gum. Gum should be chewed slowly until a sharp and strong taste or a burning sensation in the throat is felt. Then you should interrupt the chewing, remove the gum from your cheek and resume chewing when the sharp taste is gone. Repeat the cycle. Getting used to the right chewing technique usually takes a couple of days.

Keep in mind that side effects of nicotine gum can be nausea or hiccups, trembling in your hands, rapid heartbeat. Also, nicotine that gets into the stomach while chewing can cause irritation in the stomach. There is also a danger of nicotine overdose if you chew continuously.

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